‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth!’- Mc Galaxy Blasts Cynthia Morgan

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Since president Buhari has been gone for 61 days, i guess its the case of when a teacher isn’t in class, students go start to fight..

Now, it is Cynthia Morgan versus Mc Galaxy!!!!


So the drama started yesterday when Mc Galaxy, took to his Instagram and dragged Tekno, for involving himself in the Wizkid vs Davido fight and called the Triple MG star a boy and upcoming act..

This act earned him the ire of Cynthia Morgan.

Here’s what Mc Galaxy said:

And Morgan fired back with all of these:

Now, Mc Galaxy took to his page again to warn the dancehall star, Morgan, that he doesn’t want to hear his name from her mouth, or he will be taking their newfound beef to the next level.

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