Ghanaian Musician, Wanlov says he masturbates twice weekly to get rid of ‘spoilt sp3rm’

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  • Ghanaian musician, Wanlov says he cannot go a week without having sex.
  • He says instead of lying to a girl to sleep with her, he’ll rather masturbate, which he does once or twice a week.

Ghanaian musician Wanlov in a recent interview said he doesn’t let a week go by without having sex, and if he doesn’t have any woman around, he resorts to masturbating.

According to him, he’ll rather jerk off than lie to girl in order to sleep with her.

Wanlov says he masturbates at least once or twice a week in order to release sperm out of his system so it doesn’t spoil and he can become ‘free’ to be able to sleep.

In his words:

“Once in a while, it is good to masturbate. As for me once in a week or twice in a week if I don’t have sex I will masturbate in order to release the sperm so that it does not get spoilt in me. Instead of going to lie to a girl before I can sleep with her, I will rather masturbate.”

The 36-year old musician who’s born to a Ghanaian father and Romanian mother is widely known for his explicit songs and sharing of his nude photos.

Watch the video below:

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