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Perez: Benzema Is An Embodiment Of Ronaldo And Zidane

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According to Real Madrid president, has
hailed Benzema as on of the best No.9
in the game.
Didier Deschamps doesn’t look like he is
a fan of Benzema, as he has been
excluded from the matches against
Luxembourg and Spain. However the
head honcho at Real Madrid remains a
fan of the Italian.
“He’s a mix of Zidane and Ronaldo, so
for me he is the world’s best number
nine,” he told RMC. “He plays very well
and it is very difficult to find a striker
like him. If it depends on me, he will stay
in Madrid forever, but that is not
something we are discussing right now,
but again, if it depends on me, he will
stay here.”

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