Heartbreaking story of a Nigerian lady whose mother killed dad for cheating

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Here is the unedited email I received from one of us:
Hello Laila, please I have this true life story from someone with lessons to be learnt that I will appreciate if you can share on your blog. I am sharing this anonymously based on the woman’s approval. I really hope BVs can also send their true life stories as well so we all can learn a thing or two.
It was just on a beautiful monday morning after a busy weekend as i prepared for the day activities, i heard a beep on my phone, obviously from the sound i knew it was a whatapps message and i quickly took a glance and thus the message read.
Dear Sir, i have read about your counseling and advices to people and how you motivate them to be their very best, you are doing a great work. Pls can i share my story and experience about life with me? I want to ease the thought of an ugly past each time i go
down memory lane.
After some seconds i replied provided it is convenient to you, i will be glad to be at your service but you have to send through my mail so i can easily read through. I drop my mail and bid whoever it was a happy day and left for the day hustling.
Approximately in about three hours time i discovered i have a message but this time around the icon displaying on my phone is for a mail. I opened it and began to read.
Dear Sir, my name is ************ the second child from a family of five and the second by birth. I happened to be the first daughter, it was a big and one happy family growing up. We may not have been wealthy but were contented as dad always provided for our basic need with the support of mom. Things were going fine until that fateful day.
Vividly, it still seems like yesterday but is over twenty something years now. On that afternoon, mom has visited dad in his shop to get some money probably for the days meal but on getting there, she caught dad and his mistress cuddling and kissing inside the shop. It was a great shock for mom for a man she had been married to over fifteen years right in front of her making out time with another woman.
With raged in anger and betrayal of their matrimonial vow, mom went into fight with the mistress and dad as well but for the timely intervrntion of the neighbor alot of damages would have been recorded and maybe one of them may have died that day. This wasn’t the first time mom and dad are engaging on a fight. Angrily, mom left with the words in her mouth you will surely come home and meet me as i was made to understand by the neighbor days later.
I didn’t know how it happened but what i saw when i rushed home was dad lying motionless on the floor and all i could hear was call the police, it was then it dawn on me that mom has killed dad.
I saw neighbor holding her and all she was saying and shouting in tears is “i didn’t know what came over me, it is the devil oh, i didn’t mean to kill him oh”. That was the day a part in me died as well.
Even though infidelity was a sin to God, was that a justifiable reason for mom to engaged dad on a fight to the point of hitting him so hard with an object to take away his life? was all i could muttered in my heart. Not quite long the police arrived and dad corpse was carried away along side with mom handcuff and taken to the station. It was a day i cried as never before and only wish it never happened.
Month later dad was buried and mom still facing prosecution in prison, life became unbearable for us, for everyone abandoned us to our fate and we were left at the mercy of God and some good people. But again another tragedy struck……
Mom was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with high blood pressure with fever, few days later she died. I think mom died because of the guilt she felt about dad’s death and also been afraid of imprisonment and leaving behind the children. Face with this realities i became a shadow of myself and hated life so much to the point i almost commit suicide.
Life became so tough and difficult for us that i had no option than to survive, this is how i got into prostitution. I remember those cold night in the city of port harcourt how i stood on the road with a friend who introduced me into this life style though she later died as we heard. I did many despicable things with men not because i was happy or choose to but was left with no choice and more also i needed the money.
Ordinarily, most of the men who went through me wouldn’t have and i wouldn’t have dreamth of it happening if things didn’t turned this bad. For over four years i became a runs girls and was taking care of the family who didn’t know the nature of my job but was happy. Yet in all this there was no genuine happiness in me.
Today, big bros is a graduate and my immediate younger sister is in her finals all thanks to my effort but it was all to my own detriment. Now i understand that in life everything comes with a price. Everything i did inorder to survived has adversely turned against me. With tears i write to you not because i am afraid to die for i know we must all die someday. I cry because this wasn’t the purpose of God for his children.
The doctor said to me to be strong that with God all things are possible and there is nothing difficult for Him to do after series of test and diagnoses has proven that i am suffering from leukemia (cancer of the white blood cell).
This is how my life has turn out to be, at mid 30’s no husband, no child, no investment. It is a world full of sorrow and pains. I know i may not have longer years to live again as the Doc said unless if there is a miracle. Pls help me and pass this message so others can learn from the mistake we found ourselves in life, there is no justification for going into crime or unholy act no matter the circumstances in life.
Always cherish your home and never give the devil the chance to manipulate your actions. I pray as i end this memo that i found peace and favor in Gods eyes. Thanks for your patience in reading through.


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