Ladies! How To Recognise A Proper Gentleman!

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Now listen up.
Two tribes I work with most; the Igbo and the Yoruba.
Ladies, this one is for you, an eye opener.

You see that Yoruba man garbed in a well tailored ‘agbada’ with fancy shoes to match? The one showing off his mammy market Rodex?
This is his display picture, and on his profile he has up to 50 or more pictures of him posing here and there.
80% of the time, these types are broke, and looking for were to pitch their parasitic tents.

Or, that Igbo man who on the first meeting or discussion, is bragging to you about this or that, eager for you to see him as ‘somebody’.

He is most likely broke, too.
A typical Igbo in this category would impress you on the first two dates, build your view of him, take your breath away, and when he sees he has hit a climax with you, that in your eyes you see him as rich or wealthy or whatever way he hopes you see him, he would withdraw. You are tethered to him now. You would stick with him in the hope that things go back to the way they once were. They seldom improve. Occasionally he would do something nice, a way of throwing you a bone and the relationship a lifeline, but that would be that.

A Yoruba of this ilk has already impressed you with fine boy status and flashy car, or sweet tongue, so you are left completely swooned. He is eager to throw in the marriage line, eager to tell you about this or that bigger apartment he hopes to get. Eager to say, “Babe, come and see my parents.” Or, “Babe, come and see the house I am building.”

A typical man, who isn’t serious, and/or responsible whether Igbo or Yoruba, would play a lot of tricks to get you in bed.

Open your eyes. Don’t let anyone use hope as a dish before you. Wishful thinking, fantasies, they would never put a ring on your finger.

Let’s talk about the better men; Igbo or Yoruba.

Igbo men love deeply, Yoruba men love smartly.
An Igbo man, in love, would let you drive his best cars while he takes a cab to work.
You are his crown. His delight.
He doesn’t care about Instagram. On his page he doesn’t have up to 20 photos of him, and if any, they are put up without much fanfare, or trolling for likes.

He is too busy to care.

The Yoruba elite gentleman is even more exciting. He would put up pictures, but hardly anything about him. There’s this or that quote from Nelson Mandela, a word here about mental slavery, another about his work, and then a few pictures of him in a suit, not trying too hard to be anything, yet being everything.

And this, ladies, is how you recognise a proper man.
He doesn’t try too hard to build up his worth in your eyes.

He is content in himself. ?

Thank you for reading.


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