For Guys: 7 Things You Do After She Cheated On And Dumped You

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In writing this post, I have drawn from several experiences of various people.
We are working on the assumption that the girl cheated on the guy and eventually, dumped him.

1. Indescribable Pain: Usually, these are the most painful periods of the break up and usually last between one week to three months depending on how thick his skin is. The hurt guys feel in times like this is indescribable. A lot of ladies imagine guys to be insensitive but a lot of men would grimace and tear up if a lady they really loved were to do this to them. On to the next one, what happens when you severely scar and hurt a guy?

2. He starts to plot vengeance: It could range from something as mild as placing curses on her (she will die single, she will die barren, etc.) to something as harsh as actually plotting her death. Usually though, regardless the circumstances, a guy will never hurt a lady he love(s/d)… heuristically speaking….

3. He goes into a rebound relationship/Hedonism: this rebound thing is very easy for a lot of guys and very impossible for some others. The reason is that during relationships, a good number of guys keep female friends and admirers close, so getting a girl after a break up isn’t so hard. Other guys, instead, kick every potential sweetheart out of their lives because they love their girl and intend to marry them! That usually turns out to be a very unwise decision.

4. Masochistic stage: after a good number of rebounds that failed, he has wasted his money he has been saving for a long time, he starts blaming his ex for the mess he is in. He says, women are bad, women are mean, women are heartless; the blame changes form into a deep disgust which spreads to every female roaming the earth (except in his family, atimes, even in his family). Unfortunately for some guys, this is where the journey ends. They spend the rest of their lives at this stage.

5. Forgive and Forget: shit happens, pain is unavoidable, sorrow is a choice. This is a messed up world, where your account balance is more important than your personality. At this stage, he collects the broken pieces of his life and learns from his mistakes and moves on with his life. This is the most difficult stage to enter and the longest to get out of…

6. Being friends: upon letting go, a lot of blokes make a bon fire of the memories of their ex’s and dance to the ashes… so they don’t go through this stage, the time they spent with their ex’s become past memory. A lot others can’t help but keep correspondence with the subject of their pain. “I know we cant date, but lets still talk once in a while, if that’s ok with you”. There are a variable of reasons a guy would go through this stage, one, he hasn’t learnt anything and still wants the girl back, two, the guy is now misogynist and wants nothing more than to cause her pain as much as he can, three, he genuinely wants to be just friends.

7. A better guy: He now knows that his immediate family comes first. He has become aware that his mother and sisters need override the needs of “one Man’s daughter”. Realization has dawned and he knows that girls are either bad (after money) or good(after a man to make them a wife), nothing more, nothing less.

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