5 Reasons Why Some Men Prefer Sluts

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Somebody, a lady who follows, asked me to give her reasons why some men prefer sluts. After a thoroughly mentally draining discussion, we were able to put together these reasons.

1. Less responsibility: A prostitute would never ask why you forgot her birthday. Or for gifts. You don’t have to bear any responsibility that comes with having her around. And you’ll have loads of s3x for a small fee compared to what it takes to keep your girlfriend around.

2. With a prostitute, a man doesn’t need to bother about things like safe periods as it is highly unlikely that she would come back to badger you about a pregnancy.

3. A lot of men are afraid of commitment in the form of marriage. A prostitute offers that safety net to them as she would never suggest marriage to these men.

4. It is possible that prostitutes are more disease free than the so called ‘clean babes’.
Why? Every guy who wants to sleep with a slut would most likely use a pack. But when a girl presents herself as decent, homely, and well mannered, the men they engage with prefer not to cover up. So imagine she has had up to 5 or more s3xual partners before…without using protection.

5. Men who prefer prostitutes also have it in mind that a slut is more interested in satisfying these men than they are about satisfying themselves.

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