5 Awesome Places To Have S3x

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Getting it in a new location is more about having a thrilling experience than having a mind blowing orgasm.

So here are places you should try out with your lover, fast.

1. Backyard: It is not exactly outdoor, but it is away from the house and can be very exciting.

2. On the Couch: You can lean over the side of your couch for a great doggy style experience and this makes it more likely to orgasm.

3. Hotel: It’s amazing because you don’t have to bother about cleaning up the place before or after.

4. At A Friend’s Place: There’s the thrill that comes with doing it in your friends place cause you have to be really quiet or you’ll be overheard.

5. In Front Of A Mirror: Try this. Look at yourselves while doing it and you’ll be glad at how great it feels to see your faces while enjoying it.

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