The Importance Of Reading To Your Baby

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The Importance Of Reading To Your Baby

Most of us as parents wonder what would be the benefits of reading to a baby as young as a new born. Do they even understand what we are saying? The answer to both these questions is ‘yes’. Baby will not understand words but by hearing your voice, it stimulates an interest in sounds which help in the development of listening skills in your baby. Reading contributes to the development of your baby’s growing brains and it helps in developing love for reading. Reading together is a great opportunity for bonding and cuddling.

Research has proven that the years between birth to two years are considered the most crucial years for baby’s language development. Hence for parents it is important that they help their children accomplish the foundation they need to speak earlier, read on their own quicker and benefit from an increased vocabulary and attention span.

The goodness reading does to your baby: When you read to your baby it helps to stimulate imagination, build vocabulary and improves communication skills. It increases the verbal interactions you have with your baby. It also introduces new concepts such as letter, stories, numbers, shapes and colour to your baby and helps your baby to get familiarised with the world around.

What to choose to read for your baby:

Reading does not mean you read the whole book or magazine to your baby. Reading a few pages aloud can also make the difference to your child. During the initial months an infant picks up on the rhythm of the language rather than the content. Try and read familiar and new things to your baby; this will help your baby to learn about words and sounds. The more words they hear the more they will learn. Repetition is considered a good thing as it helps your baby to build language skills. Make it interesting; by varying the pitch of your voice or you could use different voices for different characters. This will facilitate your baby to pick on different speech sounds. Make sure that you read slowly and spend time on each page after you read the words; this in turn will let your baby focus.  Turn pages when you read with your baby this will show your baby how to use a book.

Books that babies enjoy:

Babies enjoy books with good rhymes, rhythms and repetition. Choose books which have plenty pictures and colours as infants tend to get fascinated with bright colours and big pictures. Get few books with different textures so that your baby can see, hear and feel the book.

The most essential part is that your baby is making connection between your closeness, your voice which he loves the most and the books. This draws his attention and helps him to interpret how reading is an enjoyable activity.

Quick fact: Since babies love to grab and mouth everything that is reachable to them it is advisable to purchase board books or books with heavy duty pages as they could endure the most wear and tear.Avoid choosing books that are delicate.

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Did you know?

  • Apart from reading to your baby, you can expand his vocabulary simply by narrating your daily activities. Talking, Rhyming and Singing to your baby can facilitate the parent chld relationship as well as help in the development of communication skills.
  • By the age of 5 years almost 90% of your child’s brain is developed. You voice, your touch your facial expressions in short everything that you do or say in front of your child – helps your child to learn

Reading Tips:

  • Set up a special reading place at home that is quite and comfortable for your baby and you.
  • Try to share at least one book every day.
  • Hold your baby close to you in such a way where she can see the book as well as your face.
  • Try out funny sounds and noises, play and have fun to make reading interesting.

Benefits of reading to your baby:

  • Reading aloud stimulates language skills, cognitive thinking skills and enhances the memory.
  • Reading books aloud can also help build a child’s vocabulary:
  • Reading also helps you develop a bonding with your baby.
  • It helps children to understand the world around them.

Now that you know the importance of reading; begin spending quality reading time if you haven’t begun yet with your little bundle of joy and reap the benefits!

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