What To Do When Angry

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It is normal for a human to get angry at any course. Some get anger at little things, things we don’t expect to generate anger. Others get angry when being insulted or in a bad mood, but what do we do when we’re angry and don’t want to be. At times, we try to control ourselves but it is quite difficult for one, especially when angry at the wrong time. One needs to learn to be in charge or in control of their temper because people often do not know what they do in that state and later indulge in what they would regret.

Left to me, whenever I am angry I try to keep quiet to avoid saying what would hurt not just myself bust the second party, especially if it’s someone I love dearly. When my mom gets me angry, what I do best is to go to bed because if I don’t, I may end up talking back at her or say something that would get her even angrier. As you know, it’s the African world we live in so it’s best you just listen to your mom and swallow that anger of yours to subside before wanting to speak with her.


Expressing your anger is very unhealthy, so when you get angry or when someone is getting you angry, just let it happen. Let the moment happen, avoid talking back like I said earlier and you should also imbibe the spirit of ignorance. Ignorance on any bad and negative statement.

You also need to separate your emotion from your action when you get angry. It’s normal to want to break someone’s head or hit something or do something dangerous when angry which is wrong. When you mix your actions and emotions, not only will you hurt your opponent, you will also be hurting yourself.

You can also try to know why whatever got you angry to be angry but first, it should be reasoned on a calm note. By the time you’re done knowing, you will realize it wasn’t that much of a big deal, you just need to go over it even if it might take time.

You can try to delay your action or distract yourself with anything. Read a book, play with your phone, chat with someone, do the laundry, pour your anger on doing your chores, cleaning your room and it will ease that way.

You should also avoid playing the victim, and by this I mean; avoid telling the whole world about your problems. Don’t go round telling people what happened to get you angry. Find a safe place where you can go alone to meditate and ease yourself. I’m sure we all have a spot where we love to go to. I enjoy going to the beach alone just to have time for myself. Get a spot you can chill, buy a drink and mind your business. You can listen to music, the kind you love to get your mind off your anger and to change your mood. Also, try speaking to someone whom you find very trust worthy.

Watch a funny movie or do something really relaxing. I can assure you that by the time you get calm, you would realize whatever happened wasn’t worth your anger. Just in case you’re angry, try watching this video and i can guarantee your calm.

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