Skiibii Opens Up On Why He Left Five Star Music

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Fast rising singer Abbey Elias, known by his fans
as ‘Skiibii’ recently left Five Star Music record
label, which is under authority of ‘Limpopo’
crooner – Kcee and his brother E-money.
The singer has since floated his own imprint,
“More Grace Music World”, in a new chat with
Sunday Scoop, he explained the reasons for
leaving his former record label, Five Star Music.
He said,
“If you have a girlfriend, it is normal for both of
you to fight once in a while. Blood brothers fight
each other too. I didn’t leave Five Star because I
wasn’t treated well. I just felt it was time for me
to do things on my own. Now, I don’t need
anyone’s confirmation before I put out new
“I was not scared leaving Five Star as I had
thought over the decision carefully. I have
always wanted to run my own record company,
even before I joined Kcee, but I needed to start
from somewhere. Five Star Music was like a
college for me; I went to school and I graduated.
We still talk like we used to; the only difference
is that I am now my own boss.”
Excited about his first single since exiting Five
Star, Skibobo, he said, “It is the first of many
songs that I plan to release this year. It was
produced by DTunes and it talks about going the
extra mile for the person you love.”
Maintaining that he is satisfied with his growth in
the industry, he said, “I am better than a lot of
artistes. I am ready to put out more music this
year and I am not the Skiibii people used to
know. I need to show the world what I am
capable of. When I was under a label, I couldn’t
do whatever I wanted but the story is different
now. I may even decide to release my debut
album this year as I am not short of songs.”

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