Reasons Why Kogi Top Artist Are Not Growing

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Reasons why Kogi Top Artist are not Growing….

My name is Richard Aiyedogbon aka Sunrich, I’m an artist too and i just decided to pour out my mind through this article because have been opportune to talk to some of them but the response i get isn’t encouraging most times.

1. They don’t love themselves

I have made research and have came across most of them in the industry, there is no love among them, they don’t even have good plans against each other, they don’t wish each other well and want the downfall of another artist. When you can’t show love to others, can you get love? Hell No !

2. They don’t believe in their root

most artist have the mentality of “if you don’t go to Lagos you can not make it”, in the industry so in doing this they all forget about their root, where they came from and be hustling in Lagos. I tell you you can be in your state and make it in the industry. Fine if need be to go to Lagos , try and conquer your root “state”, get love from your home then push up your hustle, then you can even move to another location and make them proud. By doing this, you will get love and they will even pray for you and will always support you and want you home anytime any day. If i tell you have never been to Lagos before will you believe? I started my hustle here and same way Lagos is showing Olamide love , Kogi is also showing me love and once i step out then i will explore.

3. Lack of concept of show biz

Is there anything bad if all or each one of the top and famous Kogi artist come together and stake a show or concert yearly to promote their state and the upcoming artist. Come to your state , build your state, create an industry, use your connection to seek for government support. By doing all this, the state it self will grow and even the upcoming artist.

4. They don’t encourage upcoming artist

no matter how you make them listen to your song, their must be a complain about the Song even when the song is nice. When you meet them some of them will even ask you to record a song and they will push it. After recording that’s all about the song and if you are not careful they will even go and work on the song and promote it, I’m a living testimony of that, it has happened to me several times. They will promise heaven and earth to help you, then later when you call them or chat them up they won’t respond, they will be forming busy won de ti blow. That’s why you all run to Lagos because of how Lagos treat upcoming, why can’t you stay and encourage upcoming too?

5. They ain’t real

They claim to be who they are not, what they don’t have they claim they have and call it packaging, no be packaging o ori burukuni fa.
6. They are not business oriented: they think more of the music and getting fame than the business itself and that’s why they are broke . They attend free shows and even struggle for shows in Lagos and when you want to bring them down to their state they will bill you like its Wizkid you bringing.

How do All of You feel when you are been invited to another state by another artist to perform in their carnival or concert? I mean no beef , I love you all, love your hustling spirit and i will keep praying for you but the truth must be told.

I just decided to share what i have in mind to you all. Much love and thanks to all those that believe in me

Sunrich Baller

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