Offset And I Won’t Be Getting Married Soon – Cardi B

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cardi b and offset
Following their engagement in
October 2017,many expected Cardi B
and Offset to tie the knot in the
nearest future. But from their recent
interviews, it appears there are no
plans to rush to the alter now.
Speaking with ENews! Cardi B
explained why wedding planning
is postponed for now.
She said:
“You want to know the thing about
is. I really want to get married
around the fall time, I love the fall
time,” But, I keep getting, ‘Do you
want to do tour around this time?’
‘Hey do you want to do this around
this time?’ And it’s just like—I’m
touring, I’m putting out an album.
He’s touring, putting out an
album.”She also added that
planning a proper wedding and
honeymoon would take some time
“It’s not only about the wedding
date. It’s not just one day. It’s gotta
be a whole almost two weeks type
of thing.
Her explanation is no different
from Offset who told Rolling Stone
the wedding is on hold for now
because of their schedules.

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