NJNG Interview With Fast Rising Female Rapper/Artist “SheFlow”

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Tell us about yourself briefly

My name is Utibeabasi Joseph Jacob, (Utibeabasi means miracle),but people mostly know me by my stage name which is Sheflow, am the 5th child in a family of eight.Am an indigene of mkpok village in eket L.G.A

When did u start music?

I started music in 2012, then I was part of a music crew, it was a hip hop crew actually, we were all rappers, then I had just finished my secondary school, I’ve had passion for music since I was little kid though, I did solo in the choir, I sang in school, I just leaped at every opportunity to sing then, my first live performance was at a carnival hosted then in a closeby village to mine, I performed Eminem’s song, “lighters” cos then I had no song of mine then

I broke out of the crew in 2014, let me say I really started music officially in 2015, that was when I got featured by a gospel artiste known as Apostle in a track titled “am grateful”.

When did you realize music was your path?

Growing up i was in love with melody, I would sing while doing house chores, that my siblings started calling, “the singer”, I sang unconsciously, I couldn’t stop it, at a point I thought I was addicted cos I couldn’t stay a week without listening to music, then I started writing my songs, it was weird, no one thought me how to write songs, I would just hear a tone in my head, I would get a pen and paper, before I knew it i had a song.That was when I realized music was in me, i was 12 then.

How would you describe your kind of music?

I won’t say am a story teller, though I do that at times, I would say I love being real, and it shows in my songs, I’ve had experiences that have shaped my person,and actually thought me a lot, my songs are mostly rap songs, I sing too, so am basically a hip hop artiste, I do r n b, and also depending on the beat, I could be a dancehall artiste.

What are your challenges as an upcoming artiste?

My major challenge right now is reaching out to the whole world, its not really about your kind of music, the major thing is having the majority behind u.

Your most embarrassing moment?

Well I can’t actually remember, but I think it was in my secondary school, when I had these cream reaction on my face, and the pimples on my face multiplied, it was alarming, and you know back then in secondary school, your peers just have a way of making fun out of everything.

How many producers have you worked with?

Four producers so far, Mr kaey, 8notes, Danny P, and bard bishop.

Who are your musical influences?

Eminem, drake, rick Ross, lilwayne, M.I and jhene aiko.Nasty C inspires me, dej loaf is bae

What are your achievements so far?

I still have a long way to go, but I can’t compare when I started to the present, there’s a big difference, I have actually been able to reach to a wider audience with the song cover I did on drake’s song “from time” the downloads was very encouraging and also working on the new kings album with kyrie nkai, is a great thing for me, one of the songs on the album”one more chance” is actually making waves.

Which artistes would you love to work with in the future?

I’ll like to work with nasty c, wizkid, jhene aiko, and drake, I’ll work with a wide range of artistes depending on the song

Are you signed?

No, am not yet signed.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, with God.

What’s next for you?

am working on projects with some artistes that i know its gonna be a big bang, I gat shows coming up, so I can’t really say what is next for me, am just going with the flow.

Before you go what do you have to say to your fans?

To all my fans I just want to say, thank u , u guys are the reason why I put in my everything, your compliments gives me confidence.

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