N?de Pictures Will Only Get You Moi-moi Endorsement- Actress Blast Gifty Power

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Gifty Power

Ex-Big Brother housemate, Gifty Power has been under serious backlash from fans for always posting semi-n?de pictures on the internet. Recently, this time, she posted a nude picture and has since been under serious fire. However, Gifty seems to careless about the thoughts of people and this provoked the thoughts of fast rising Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai who was once an ex-housemate of the show in 2014.

Actress Lillian Afegbai, aired her opinion on the nude pictures shared by Gifty Power and she expressed her disappointment at the extent in which Gifty can go just to remain relevant, reminding her that exposing her body won’t get her a decent endorsement but an endorsement that will be for a short while, comparing such an endorsement to moi-moi. Recounting how she almost got lost in the process of maintaining her fame after her competition, she urged Gifty to re-evaluate herself.

“Not judging, just read between the lines and get the message.
I get it, desperate times call for desperate measures. It feels like the fame is leaving you and you have to do whatever it takes to stay in the news. I was almost lost as well till I had to grow up and reevaluate myself. I asked myself one question, what is it you really want?Temporary fame or consistency? Do you want to be controversial and have temporary fame? Or do you want to go slow steady and remain relevant for a very long time?I picked relevance. Do you want to have 700,000 fake followers or do you want to have 300 loyal followers? I picked 300 loyal followers. Do you want moi moi endorsement or do you want to get fried rice, chicken and salad endorsement? I picked fried rice. At some point I want to let loose and go nude and twerk all day but then I can do that in my bathroom and still smile. Do you want to be on instablog everyday or do you want to be on Linda ikeji or bellanaija once a month? Anyways what am trying to say is that, never forget your values and don’t always go with the trend. It is not easy because i’m still learning how this shit called life, fame, popularity works cause i’m still not there yet. But guess what, you can be sexy with clothes on. Lilian take note, the sky is enough for all the stars, I want to know your thoughts really?”

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