Moyo Lawal Says She Wants To Be A Full Housewife

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Moyo Lawal who is considered as Nollywood bad
girl has shockingly revealed that she is not as
bad as people love to think she is just because
of her looks.
The actress who is still waiting for the man of
her dreams has said that she is just an old
fashioned girl who would be insanely happy living
as a housewife!
She says “As impossible as it seems to believe,
Moyo is really just an old fashioned girl who will
be insanely happy being a housewife”
According to her, she wouldn’t mind being at
home all day just taking care of her husband, her
kids and family and going out only when very
This is coming as a shock as the actress is seen
more like someone who stays out more, clubbing
into the night… Well, according to this very good
bad girl, “nothing really happens outdoors! ”
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