Linda Ikeji Reveals She Spent Half A Billion Naira In Setting Up Her Online TV Platform And Here’s Why

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In a recent interview with Business Insider, power blogger Linda Ikeji has revealed that she spent about half a billion naira (N500,000,000) in getting her online Tv ready.

She said, “About half a billion naira. We have so many equipment – that’s how we were able to do multiple shoots. We have a lot of cameramen, presenters, sound technicians, and editors who are in-house. We have a mini jib and a fully loaded music studio. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘Did you need to go that far?’ We also have a place in Lekki Phase One that I got for two reality shows in the works. We bought eight cameras there. We have three studios right here. We have the green room here. And then, we have done reality shows with celebrities.”

She also revealed why she decided to start on an online platform.

“The initial plan, when I started out, was cable. 100% cable. But then, one day I started thinking to myself, “Linda, you’re an internet business entrepreneur. Your strength is on the internet. Your fans are there, your readers are there, those who have been following you for years are there.” And that includes people living abroad. I have 193 countries on my website and Nigeria is just one of them. So I thought, “All this creativity, all this content, all this work will just be distributed to Nigerians? All these fans you have gathered over the years who live in Canada and America, how will they consume your content?

“It’s very important now that when people are thinking of business, they think of the global market. Don’t just restrict yourself to the local market. And the only way you can get global is to be on the internet. That’s what makes the world a small village where you can, through Instagram, talk to someone who is in America, exchange words if you want. I just wanted a global business. I didn’t want to restrict myself to Nigeria. I want the bosses at Netflix to see my work and feel like, “Who is this girl?” I want Sony to see my content and say, “Let’s have a conversation with this girl.” I am very ambitious and I know that the only platform they can see this is online. My blog has shown me that you can become very rich through the internet, so I am sticking to it for now,” she said.

Since it’s launch ion June 8th, Linda Ikeji TV has been a success, getting over 10,000 subscribers in 3 days.

Congratulations Linda!

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