Iggy Azalea Speaks Against Grammy President Over Comment He Made About Women

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Iggy Azalea is among the many voices speaking
out against Neil Portnow, the President and CEO
of the Recording Academy, for comments he
made about how women in music need to “step
up” to be recognized.
“Neil Portnow really has me heated with his
‘women need to step up’ Grammy-Boys-Club
bullshit statement,” she tweeted. “Or instead of
being gracious and wearing white flowers on the
carpet (bringing in the viewers for his telecast in
designer gowns) women should consider if we
NEED to take firmer action and stay at home in
PJs next year… see how that works out for Neil.”
Although she deleted the tweets, Azalea returned
to Twitter with more thoughts about the
Grammys. “I’m not saying we should boycott
anything just yet,” she clarified. “However, if
women don’t see signs of real change
throughout the year a firmer stance may be
needed to be taken seriously. I just want to see
my peers valued. #TimesUp”
the “step up” “we would welcome you” comment
is infuriating for women in entertainment, for
reasons far bigger than if a man or a woman
wins an award or even “the Grammys”
I think it’s that every single woman in the
entertainment business has stepped up again
and again and been met with the door to the
boys clubs cigar bar slammed in their face.
Watch to Madonnas women in music speech and
look at the women in the crowd. They have tears
in their eyes as she speaks because we ALL
know first hand exactly what she’s talking about
on so many levels.
The four-time nominee, who’s yet to win a
Grammy, went on to say that this movement
isn’t about taking anything away from male
artists. “I don’t think any of us are saying male
artists are undeserving of recognition and
celebration too,” she added, “but we women
know what goes on behind the curtain and so
that’s why that comment from Neil has the girls
After Portnow’s statements sparked controversy,
the Recording Academy President issued a
statement. “Last night, I was asked a question
about the lack of female artist representation in
certain categories of this year’s Grammy
Regrettably, I used two words, ‘step up,’ that,
when taken out of context, do not convey my
beliefs and the point I was trying to make,” he
explained. “Our industry must recognize that
women who dream of careers in music face
barriers that men have never faced. We must
actively work to eliminate these barriers and
encourage women to live their dreams and
express their passion and creativity through
music. We must welcome, mentor, and empower
them. Our community will be richer for it.”
His original comments were as follows: “It has
to begin with… women who have the creativity in
their hearts and souls, who want to be
musicians, who want to be engineers, producers,
and want to be part of the industry on the
executive level. [They need] to step up, because
I think they would be welcome.”

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