I Get Much Support From Nigeria More Than My Country – Victoria Kimani

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Victoria Kimani may not be a household name
in Nigeria, but she is one of the few female
singers holding it down in the country.
The Kenyan born singer has however opened
up that she has not received any support from
The super-sexy singer feels that Nigerians
support her more than her fellow Kenyans.
Victoria Kimani in a chat opened up that she
has Nigerians to thank for the success she
has achieved in the music industry.
She even did a tour around Kenya recently but
locals were not so much familiar with her, she
Miss Kimani apparently posted the rant in an
exclusive Kenyan celebrity group saying that
some Kenyan deejays and radio presenters
were even in positions to help her at one time
but chose not to because they hated her.
Victoria Kimani is however more popular in
Nigeria than in Kenya.
This isn’t the fault of Kenyans really. Victoria
has spent more time in the US and in Nigeria
than she has in Kenya. Her style isn’t that
Kenyan as well.

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