Dr Sid and Wife, Simi Esiri Reunite Following Marital Crisis

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Nigerian music star, Dr Sid is back with his wife,
Simi Esiri after their marriage got shook to its
root last year which almost led to a divorce.
A close family source revealed that things got
pretty ugly between the two last year.
‘They’ve been having issues for a very long time.
it got so bad that Simi had to move out of the
house a couple of times’
The source added that Dr Sid really tried to
make it work but Simi already had her mind
made up’.
‘Sid even made sure to attend the Nickolodeon
festival so he could spend time with his daugther
but Simi was giving him the cold shoulder all
Thankfully they have started working on their
marriage and even made their first public
appearance together, since their split, at a recent
viral wedding.

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