I Don’t Want To Rush Into Marriage” — Praiz

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RnB singer, Praise Adejo, aka Praiz, speaks
with OLUSHOLA RICKETTS about his music
career, relationship with women and other
related matters.

He reveals he loves his type of growth in the
industry as he prefers 1000 loyal fans to
millions of fans who are not loyal. And when
asked if he has a pal to get married this year,
he said:

I am certain that I will get
married but I don’t know how
soon it will happen. You don’t
need to rush into marriage
because it is an institution you
are not expected to abandon once
you are in it. Though people get
married to the wrong people,
marriage is a beautiful thing.
However, when a marriage turns
violent, I always advise people to
walk away because staying alive
is important. I am taking my
time as I don’t want to rush in
and rush out.

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