BBNaija 2018:- We Were So Poor That My Whole Family Once Relocated To The Village When I Was 9 – Ifu Ennada

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Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifu Ennada
took to her Instagram page to share yet another
touching story from her past.
She talked about how her 4-year-old brother
died right in front of her because they couldn’t
afford healthcare and how her family once
relocated to the village because of unpaid rent.
Read her story below.
My name is Iheme Faith Uloma Adanne,
popularly known as Ifu Ennada – The Ifu
As a child I always had massive dreams, but the
challenges I experienced “so many times” were
overwhelming that I contemplated suicide
several times and lost myself along the way… I
remember when I was 9yrs old, my whole family
moved to the village, while my dad stayed back
in Lagos to hustle… Our rent had been long
overdue and the landlord could only but kick us
It was a terrible time for me, but what was more
terrible was helplessly watching my 4yrs old
younger brother die in front of me – in my
mother’s arms, my mother who would have
given her life in exchange for his.
We were so poor, that even there in the village
we couldn’t afford average healthcare…
Instagram would be unable to take record of the
number of times I was abused in a number of
ways… My life’s journey has been one tough but
inspiring one. For each time I was down, God
always came through, in form of His Word, but
most importantly in the shape of people – good
people who remind me that humanity is
BeautIFU! and that the world isn’t evil.
These good people include all of you reading
this, all of you who would never give up on me.
All you wonderful people who care about me in
ways I can’t imagine.
Coming out of the Big Brother House, I didn’t
know such massive love was awaiting me and
now as I am set for what’s coming, I want you
all to know that I am who I am because of God
and you.
I don’t take you for granted and my love for you
will always be never ending.
Thank you!
Ifu Ennada

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